Batman foreeeeeeever!

What?! It's already that time of the month?

Time seems to be flying! That's what they say when you're having fun! Right?!

Well, I guess I've been having fun and learning a lot of new stuff in Blender 2.8.

The Batman animation is taking me a lot longer than I'd first envisaged. But then that wouldn't be the first time I underestimate how much time things take... 😁 

Saying that, things are coming along nicely.

Batman in batmobile

The Ch3cksum Movie is still on hold until I've finished this Batman animation.

The Instagram following has been growing slowly; 266 followers as I write, which is not a crazy amount but I'm still happy to see that some people like the stuff I'm posting daily.

Hey, you might want to try it...

Ah, one more thing...

I've started a bunch of interviews of  people who work in the videogames industry and how they got there.

Thought this might interest you, discovering how each individual found his path in the industry (and out for some).

I've yet to gather a whole lot more answers before editing and making it all presentable. Stay tuned if you are interested.

Until next time, stay safe and keep well.