Going surfing!


This month is a surf themed post for two reasons:

First of all, later on this month we will be going on holiday in France to the Atlantic coast where we should hopefully catch a few waves.

Secondly, a friend of mine is organising his extremely local surf film festival (as in a bunch of buddies in his back garden having a BBQ, drinking a few beers, talking about all the waves we could have caught and watching some homemade surf movies), which is always good fun. I promised him some time ago to do something for the big screen. So, I thought I would do a spoof of "Point Break" with a few puppets...
The cast of the Point Break Spoof

I know, I know, starting another project before finishing another... The good thing the deadline is extremely short and I'm getting to experiment with production pipeline ideas for the Ch3cksum movie project.

The Lego Batman project is well on it's way. There are still four shots to be animated and rendered plus some sound to be thrown in for good measure.

The Game Developer interviews are still in progress. So far, I've received 27 answers that will be revised and put in form. The original idea was to put these on Instagram but seeing the rather thorough answers, these interviews will go on a weekly mailing list.

Hurrah! Just hit to the 350 followers mark on Instagram. Some people have even told me they liked what I was posting, which makes it all worth it. Thank you.

Last but not the least, the Ch3cksum movie is on hold until we get back from holidays, that will be in August. I can't wait to get my hands back on the project.

Wishing you a great summer!