Batman learnt on the job!

Hello, hello, hello!!!

Hope you're having a brilliant summer and that you are keeping your spirits up.

The Batman video is finally completed!  Hurrah!!!

It took me a lot longer than I ever envisaged but then I learned a lot of things in the process of putting it together.

There's no better way to learn anything than by applying it to a project. Often the lessons learned are different from expected.

In this case, I planned on making an animated video, post it on Instagram and get a 1000 followers. Hahaha, sometimes I just amaze myself as to how naïve I can be. 😃

So, first thing that I've learned: getting to 1000 followers on Instagram is damned hard! I'm not even anywhere close. I'm just over 400 followers. That's a not a crazy amount but I've also learned that the interactions are more important than the number of followers.

I've also got back into doing some 3D animation after a long break and got my head around the new version of Blender 3D which changed quite a bit. Tried out some new ways to model backgrounds.

Got to learn DaVinci Resolve for the editing, color correction and putting the sound together.

Also started using Reaper for sound recording and more importantly doing some music. Now that is something really new for me. I've played a bit with Massive and Kontakt. Managed to put something together but there's still a lot of stuff to learn (that's what makes it fun!).

Anyway, here's the result. Hope you like it .

Right now, I'm working on the rewrite of the Ch3cksum script which is inspired by anecdotes from the video games industry. The story is going to be broken up into an 8 part serial. It will be featuring puppets. More on this to follow.

Wishing you a great end of summer!

Take Care,