Point Break Spoof

Every year, one of my friends organises a little surf film festival, which consists mostly of a bunch of friends having a barbecue and watching homemade surf videos on a giant screen made out of bed sheets.

Each time, I tell this friend that I'll make something but never do so. This year, I bit the bullet and did a little something.

As I didn't have crazy amounts of time I decided on making a spoof trailer made with some toilet paper puppets.

First, I decided on doing a spoof of the shorter trailer of Point Break as it is a bit of a classic.

Next, I had to build the puppet cast which consisted in 12 puppets and a few props, such as a surfboard, skydiving goggles, waves, bank notes and a couple of banana guns.

Point Break spoof cast

Then, I broke down each shot of the trailer as a separate video so that I could play it in a loop on as a timing reference when filming the puppets.

The filming was done with a green screen.

Studio set with green screen

I even had access to a really sophisticated wind machine for the shot where Bodhi jumps out of the plane.

High tech wind machine

Then it was a matter of spending a good number of hours on DaVinci Resolve, a really great video editing software, to put the whole thing together.

So, here's the result

Hope you like it!

Aloha and keep surfing!