Finding your first job is hard!

Finding your first job in the video games industry is hard, there is no denying this.

It was a  concourse of circumstances and many stepping stones that got me there. Other individuals did it in a totally different way.

This got me thinking that when a youngster(oh dear, I do sound old, all of a sudden!), I can't simply tell him or her, how I did it because that might not be the way he or she should go about it.

There are probably as many ways into the industry as there are people working in it.

Every individual has to find their own way!

That's it! That was an easy way out of answering the question...

On a more serious note, being resourceful is probably one of your best calling cards to any prospective employer, no matter what industry.

In order to inspire you and possibly give you an insight of what it takes to work in the video games industry, I interviewed developers, designers, artists about this.

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

John D WIlliimann